being online

43rd Annual Gender Studies Symposium

March 6-8, 2024

Curatorial Board Statement:

This year’s art exhibition showcases the various ways gender and sexuality can be explored and expressed, both in the physical world and in the myriad worlds found online. Our artists comment both on the internet as an expansive safe haven for experimentation, and on how its lack of limits can be distorted to create essentialized categories into which entire identities can be reduced. Whether they center on lesser known queer artists whose niches on the internet have grown to comprise entire dimensions of flourishing communities, or on deconstructing the ways that identities are misrepresented or minimized by the world-audience, this year’s artists truly express the cacophony of being online, in all of its exultant celebration and vehement protest.

Curated by Isha Elboctorcy '24, McKenna Jones '24, and Cecily Munster '26.

For more information about the symposium, check out the GSS website!